Stew and Brew - Next Date is:September 29, 2018

Come join us for Conconully Chamber of Commerce' Annual Stew and Brew - Sample Several Stews, and local Brews!




Kathy's Coffee and Deli in Conconully took home first place for her beef stew and presentation Saturday from the Annual Stew and Brew in the Community Hall.

Meanwhile, Rocky Coulee Brewery of Odessa, with it's signature, "Firewood honey blond" brew took home first place in the beer competition.

Organizer and Mayor Sam Martin said the event was bigger than expected, promting an early closure.

"It went great," Martin said. "It actually went a little too well. We ended up shutting it down early." because of a stew and brew shortage.

Beer started running out about half-way through the event. And the green chili pork stew ran out about a half-hour later.

Martin said usually 100 to 120 people attend the event. However, this year he said 200 plus crowded the Community Hall to try unique stews and sip on locally brewed booze.

"It was a much bigger event this year," added the city's Tami Cochran, "I know we were over 200 tickets."

Martin said there were five different stews available, including Irish stew, beef, pork and green chili, vegetarian and German pork. "We had one from Spokane," Martin said. "It was a great time for everybody." "I was very pleased with the size of the event." Cochran added.

There were also five different brews, including three from Republic Brewing Co. and two from Rocky Coulee. He said the community is already looking forward to next year's event, the last Saturday of Septmember.

(Text from chronicle article!)